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If you’ve decided to go with SiteGround for your website hosting, you may be wondering how to get started! This post will guide you through the process of signing up for your new hosting package.

1. Choose The Package That Makes The Most Sense For You

SiteGround offers three different hosting packages that you can choose from here.

StartUp – this hosting package allows you to get started with one website, and it is the one that I would recommend for anyone just getting started blogging. Since this is the cheapest package, it is also the lowest monetary risk if you’re just getting your feet wet.

GrowBig – this hosting package allows you to have multiple websites on one hosting package which is super cool if you’re looking to run more than one blog!

GoGeek – this hosting package is likely to be overkill until you make it to the big time and need a more robust hosting package.

2. Pick Your Domain Name

Once you have picked your hosting package from the above choices, you’ll be taken to the following screen:

Once on this screen, you’ll have the option to register a new domain name (your website address, ex. or to bring one over that you already own.

If you don’t have a URL for your website yet, just select “Register a New Domain” and type in your desired website URL.

After you’ve secured your new website URL, you’ll want to click “PROCEED.”

3. Review Your Package & Pay

Something SUPER important to keep in mind about this screen is that you can select your “Period” here. This is how long your hosting package will last. Since SiteGround offers their special introductory pricing for the entire period selected at sign-up, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you pay for as long of a period as you can afford to maximize the special pricing. Renewal pricing is significantly higher.

*Please note that the “Extra Services” may be different on your screen, depending on the hosting package that you selected on the previous screen.

You’re DONE! You now own a website!

Web Hosting

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