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If you’re on the fence about starting a blog, I hope this post will help you consider all the reasons why you should start a blog today!

Okay, so clearly I’m biased and think that blogging is the bee’s knees. That said, the following list of reasons you should start a blog aren’t all sunshine and flowers – blogging takes hard work but has great payoffs.

Let me know in the comments if this post inspired you to take the next step in your blogging journey!

1. You’re interested in learning new skills.

The thing about blogging is that if you’ve never done it before, you’ll be in for a learning curve. Almost every single blogger out there (including those that are making a TON of money) started out their journey by learning new skills to get their blog up and running.

Since most bloggers start out with no budget for assistance, most bloggers end up learning web design skills, social media skills, writing skills, photography skills, basic HTML and more.

Instead of letting this intimidate you, let it be an exciting adventure!

There are a ton of resources on the internet (like this website), to help you learn these skills and get your blog up and going.

2. You need a creative outlet.

In addition to learning a bunch of new skills, blogging also allows you to be creative. Whether you’re getting your creative juices flowing by writing a post or taking a photo, there are of ways that you get to be creative with a blog.

3. You have something to say.

Think about all the knowledge that you have.

Are you a fabulous cupcake maker?

A teacher with a love of helping other teachers?

A mom that wants to help first-time moms?

Whatever it is that you know, you can more than likely create a blog that other people will want to read.

One of the most rewarding things of my life has been sharing the journey of fertility with my Growing Graci audience. By sharing my experiences through two miscarriages with my audience, I’ve gotten so many kind messages thanking me for sharing.

4. It’s a low-risk business to try.

There are many, many businesses that are expensive to try. Blogging isn’t one of them.

Unlike other types of businesses, there is no inventory to buy, and you likely have most of the equipment already in your home.

You can start a blog with a computer, a cell phone that takes decent pictures, a domain name, and website hosting. That’s it.

Web Hosting

Both of my sites are hosted on Siteground and I have absolutely loved working with them. Their support is fantastic and fast, which has been such a great thing to have since there are times that I get in over my head with my website and need assistance!

You can get hosting for $3.95 a month with Siteground right now (pricing is always subject to change), plus an additional fee to purchase your domain name. Check out all of their current deals here.

I definitely recommend purchasing as many months as you feel comfortable purchasing from the get-go because the renewal pricing does go up!

[It is worth noting that you can start blogging without purchasing a domain name or hosting package, but this leads to a hassle down the road when you want to monetize your blog. Having a self-hosted blog is essential to making your blog into a business, and starting your blog off as self-hosted will save you from having to move your content later on.]

5. There are opportunities to make real money working from home.

Is blogging a get rich quick type of deal? No.

Absolutely, no.

A lot of bloggers want to mislead their readers into thinking that blogging is something that will allow you to make money – lots of it – and quick.

While that isn’t completely unheard of, most people have to blog for quite a while before they ever see a penny. However, if you stay at it, there ARE opportunities to make a full-time income.

The cool thing about blogging is that if you take it seriously from the beginning, you’ll speed up the amount of time it takes you to go from making nothing to seeing your hard work pay off.

That said, try and imagine a life where you’re able to work from home and you’re your own boss.

Pretty freaking cool, am I right?

If that appeals to you and you’re willing to put in the work, then you should definitely get started on that blog and that new dream!

I hope that this brutally honest post got you thinking about starting a blog! If you decide to start a blog, leave a link to it in the comments because I want to check it out!

Web Hosting

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